Could You Believe Another Gospel?

Is it possible for a Christian to believe something other than the Word of God? Listen to the words written from the Apostle Paul to the churches of Galatia: “I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel…”. How is it possible for a Christian to be “removed from Him…unto another gospel”?


Recently I went with a brother to another state to help some Christians there. When we arrived, we found out very soon that they had become involved in a cult. This whole group didn’t begin as a cult but had begun as a local church. However, over time, the leader of the group began to teach things that are contrary to the Word of the Lord…the gospel of Christ. As we met with several of the people who had escaped the cult we found that many of the foundational teachings of the Word of God had been replaced with anti-Christ teachings. (Anything that contradicts the Word of God is anti-Christ.) I marveled that these precious brothers and sisters in Christ had been “removed from Him” unto “another gospel”!


We found all this hard to believe, but we know from studying cults, that it happens to Christians as they are moved away from the Word of God. But how have they moved away from the Word of God? Well, it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time for this to happen. This particular church had been around for 12 years. During that time the leader had gained the trust of the people by teaching some tremendous revelations from the Bible. (I need to mention that these revelations were actually teachings he had heard from others!) But little by little he began to move away from the Bible. Ever so slightly…so slightly that the people didn’t even notice. This reminded me of the story of the frog in the kettle. You can take a frog and throw him into a kettle of boiling water and he will hop right out. However, you can put him into a kettle of cool water and heat the water up ever so slightly and he will stay in the kettle until he is boiled to death! This is “how” this leader moved the people away from the Word of God.


Could this have been avoided by the people? The answer is, absolutely! By staying current in the Word of God, things contrary to the Word are evident. All teachings, sermons, instructions on how to be a better you, etc. should be held to the standard of the Word. If something is contrary to the Word, even slightly, it should be refused. And if someone is under someone who is teaching error then the teacher should be confronted. If the teacher does not correct the error and continues to teach contrary to God’s Word then don’t listen to them anymore! And don’t get caught up in the argument that says “but he is a good man”. No, he is a deceiver! Get away from him and his teachings immediately.


Remember what the serpent said to the woman in the garden of Eden… "has God said?” He began to get her to question God’s Word. Stay current in the Word of God and you will keep yourself from another gospel. As Paul said in 2 Timothy 2: 15, “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”.


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