Oklahoma City, OK

Lodi, CA

Dayton, OH

Kansas City, MO

& more information to come!

*schedule coming soon!

The Zurvita Ministries Feed500 Project takes the vision and values of Jesus to the streets.


Every month, Feed500 visits at least one city for a one-day celebration. With the assistance of incredible volunteers, we prepare meals for at least 500 strangers. With love in our hearts and food in our hands, we set out to make people smile by meeting two of their most basic needs: food & friends. Our goal is to fill the stomachs and hearts of our new friends; for them to know that they are not alone in the world.


At its very core, Zurvita Ministries wants to empower people to live their dreams by bringing hope to the hopeless and showing God’s love to everyone. We believe that giving back is an important part of the reality to fulfilling those dreams by truly living out the “flow of increase” principle. Feed500 is one way we can empower people to see powerful change happen in the world by seeing how they can make a difference in their own hometowns. We want to be living representations of the kind, happy character of God and His love that has been so well demonstrated in our own lives.