Something is Happening In The Dark

Do you sometimes feel like you are living in the dark? A place where you aren’t sure where anything is? A place where it seems there is no light being shed on anything? A place where it seems nothing is happening in your life? A place where it seems everything has come to a standstill? It’s kind of like you’re in a dark room? We’ve all been there and you may be there now. But, by the wisdom of God, I believe I can shed some light in this dark room! Psalm 106: 12,13 in the Amplified Bible reads this way: “Then [Israel] believed His words – trusting in, relying on them; they sang His praise. But they hastily forgot His works, they did not [earnestly] wait for His plans [to develop] respecting them”. The problem here is not that they didn’t believe God’s words but that they “did not [earnestly] wait for His plans [to develop] respecting them”. It used to be that when photographers had taken photos, their next step would be to develop them. They had the film that the photos were on but they had to do something else. They would go into a “dark room”. That’s what it was called…the dark room. In the darkroom, the photographer would put the photos into a solution. Then he would wait….wait for them to develop. This is where you need to move in hope. You may be like Israel in Psalm 106:12. You’ve believed His words – you trust in His words and you are relying on them. You even sing praise to Him. But it “seems” like nothing is working. It’s like you are in a dark room. The reason it seems like in you’re in a dark room is because you are. But you must remember why the photographer goes into the dark room….for something to be developed. We become like the photographer. We have God’s promise but we must learn to “wait for His plans [to develop] respecting them”. His plans for us will surely come to pass when we learn to wait for them to be developed. Even though it seems like nothing is happening in the darkroom, our hope in Christ is that something is definitely happening….

God’s promises and plans for us are being developed!


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